Petr Soukup Aims To Become Elite

He didn’t miss a single edition of the race. He won the overall age group ranking  of CHALLENGEPRAGUE twice. He set Czech record time in Hawaii. Read, what motivates Petr Soukup to compete [...]


Prague is often called the heath of the Europe for its central position. That makes Prague easily accessible from all over Europe. You can reach the city within 2 hours flight from all corners of [...]

5 reasons why to race FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE

Swimming in a river with a view on Prague castle, transition area on a bridge in the city center, and running in the historical streets of the capital. That’s FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE! Don’t miss the [...]

What pros say about Prague

The previous 2 years of FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE have hosted one of the best triathletes in the world. If you are still considering competing FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE but you are not quite sure yet, read [...]

Registration to 2019 is open!

This year’s race is behind us and we are looking forward to the next edition, join us! Take advantage of the lowest entry fee to the 3rd FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE triathlon race, that is going to be [...]

Guide to your 1st triathlon

Everything you need to know about your first CHALLENGETRY-ATHLON race Are you going to your first triathlon and are a little lost about the rules? In this article, we want to focus on the [...]

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