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Just register for FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE and help to blind athletes to fulfil their dreams about freedom in sports thanks to supporting of Svetluska charity organisation.

„I am so glad that we’ve launched this cooperation with charity project Svetluska and we are able to support good purpose together with all participants of FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE 2019. It’s great that it has happened right before the Christmas holiday where is the right time for making good things and help others,” said Race Director Tomas Vrzak .

Svetluska (a firefly)  is a long-term project of the Cesky Rozhlas (Czech Radio) Foundation based on the solidarity and goodwill of people who have decided to give the blind people a little light. They have been helping blind children and adults across the Czech Republic since 2003. More than 80,000 volunteers and millions of donors have been involved since that time. The project supports also sport and blind athletes across sports disciplines. 

Each participant may choose to financially help to blind athletes during the registration process. „It’ simple, everyone can choose the amount of the donation in the range of 5 € to 20 € during the race registration process. Then they can simply pay with the card. All collected money will be donated directly to the charity project of Svetluska,” said Tomas Vrzak. 

Find out more about charity project Svetluska at svetluska.rozhlas.cz and stay tuned for more details. 

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