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The previous 2 years of FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE have hosted one of the best triathletes in the world. If you are still considering competing FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE but you are not quite sure yet, read what athletes have to say about the host city of the race, Prague.

Javier Gomez, winner of 2018 FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE

“Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I am happy to be racing here. I have been here couple of years ago to compete and I had a time to explore the city. I really like Prague. “

Lucy Charles, winner of 2017 FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE

“I wanted to visit Prague for a long time. To compete here was a great opportunity how to do so. I love history, culture, sightseeing and exploring new places. It was my first time in Prague but I hope not the last one.“

Petr Vabroušek, Czech ultra-triathlete

“Prague welcomed participants with well-organised race and wonderful surroundings. Regular swimming in the river is almost unique in the world just as the race in the very center of the capital city. “

Filip Ospalý, ambassador of the race

„The elite athletes were excited about such a race in the city center of Prague for a long time. Prague is one of the most beautiful capital in the world. I was asked so many times, when there is going to be finally a race. “

Pieter Heemeryck, winner of the 2017 FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE

„The race is unique. Both cycling and running courses goes through the historical city center of Prague and we could see the highlights even during the race. Prague is magnificent city. I didn’t have to think about my participation for long. “

Petr Soukup, winner of the amateur race FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE

„Prague is magical. To swim around an island is a great idea. Spectators can rent boats and support the swimmers from the water, that’s amazing. Also, the run on the riverside is fun, there is always lot of people around. “

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