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Prague is often called the heath of the Europe for its central position. That makes Prague easily accessible from all over Europe. You can reach the city within 2 hours flight from all corners of the old continent! What is the most convenient way how to reach Prague and how to get around?

Prague has an international airport just outside of the city about 10 km far away from the venue. You can reach Prague with direct flight from most of the European capital cities and some oversea destinations such New York, Montreal, Beijing and many more. Check all the destinations with direct connections here. You can search for you flight here.

If you are from one of the neighbouring countries, you can use train or bus. There are several destinations with direct connections such Kiel, Hamburg, Berlin, Linz, Vienna or Bratislava. The Prague main train station is located in the city centre with an easy access to the race venue. Check your connection here.

If you are staying in one of the official hotels, you can order transport from the airport directly trough your reservation.

Once you land in Prague, you will find out the public transport is cheap and convenient. After your arrival, you can take bus number 119 in the direction of the city centre. The bus stop is located just outside of the terminal. Ticket for 1,5-hour costs 32 CZK (1,2 euro) and you can buy it at the airport.

If you are planning to use public transport to get around during your stay in Prague, it is efficient to buy 3-days ticket for 310 CZK (12 euro). You can check all the fares options here. To find your connection and the schedule, you can use this website or download the app IDOS for iPhones or Android.

You can take your bike to metro without limitations. Follow the signs where to get on and off wagons. Bikes are allowed only in some of tram connections and restricted in buses with the exception of airport connection. You can check the rules and specific trams connections where bikes are allowed here.

If you prefer private transportation, Uber works in Prague and is much cheaper than regular taxi. You can also rent a car in one of the rentals at the airport but take in notice that parking in the city centre Prague is very limited.

Enjoy your stay in Prague!

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