Radka Vodičková-Kahlfeldt: I am proud that this huge event is held in my homeland!

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Prague will come alive with the atmosphere of the world triathlon again. FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE will take place in the capital city of the Czech Republic for the third time and start list already includes some of the world’s well-known names. For the first time, Radka Vodičková-Kahlfeldt, the Czech star living in Australia will start as she has come back competing after maternity leave.

This is your first start at FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE. Are you excited?

I will start there for the first time, however, I attended the race once before. In 2017, I commented the race for Czech TV and it was amazing experience. I was pregnant that time, so I couldn’t compete. Anyway, it was great to be a part of such event. I am very happy to compete there this year.

What do you think is so extraordinary about this race?

It is a race in my homeland. Prague is also well-known as a great place for tourists. To race in the city centre is fantastic experience – both for athletes and fans.

What are the reactions at FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE from other triathletes?

Many triathletes choose FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE, because it is an extraordinary location. It is easy to attract whole family for a trip to Europe with so nice stop in Prague. The race is also greatly organized.  I am proud that this event is held in my native country!

Both amateurs and professionals can participate at this race. What do you think about this connection of races?

Triathlon is very specific in this way. I guess that many people are attracted by this kind of competition – you run through Prague and suddenly Javier Goméz runs along. It is nice experience for everyone.

Will you participate at other races from Challenge Family series?

Yes. I start at many of them. This year I competed at Challenge Melbourne in Australia, in June I will start at The Championships in Šamorín, Slovakia, where I finished third last year.

Was it your biggest success in your career?

I think that whole year 2018 was the most successful one for me. It was really unexpected, because in January 2018, my daughter Ruby was born and I didn’t know if I would return to professional sport. During last year, I won the half iron-distance race seven times and I ended fifth at Ironman 70.3.

What other races will you attend this year and what are your goals?

I want to race almost whole year all around the world. The big change is that my family and I are staying in Europe for almost five months, so we will start at many races there. The biggest goals are World Championships, European Championships and Asia-Pacific Championships.

You have mentioned that two years ago you commented the race for Czech TV. What are your memories?

This experience was simply amazing. I enjoyed it very much and I would like to do it again. However, this year I want to race.

How would you cheer up amateurs who are still not sure about racing at FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE?

Don’t worry and join the race! If you are beginner, try the relays first. It is super fun!

Radka Vodickova Kahlfeldt finished 5th at The Championship in Samorin. Photo: James Mitchell

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