3 training tips for Ford Challenge Prague

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More than 3 months are left till for Challenge Prague. However, you should start your preparations already. If you are one of those who are now dusting your bike, buying new running shoes and studying swimming techniques at Youtube, read the tips from triathlete Petr Soukup. What to look for in the upcoming months and which trainings should you include?

If you want to in the best shape for the July race, you should focus on volume training in April and May. In all three disciplines you should try to get the volume at a slow pace. In this period, quantity over quality is preferred.

Sample cycling training, ideally on the race track:

Sample cycling training

ideally on the racing track

180 min with 30 min roll motive with 4x 30 seconds high cadence around 130ot / min + 4x (10 min aerobic threshold + 20 min roll) + 30 min exit [/ vc_cta]

In June, there are two months left before the race , there is no need to increase volumes anymore, but you should focus more on strength, especially in the first half of the month. In the second half of June it is good to add intensity.

Sample running training

in flat terrain or athletic stadium

10 min break + 6x ABC with run-out up to 30m straight, 6x 80m technical straight + 10x 1km in scheduled race pace, pause 90 seconds + 10min Tilt [/ vc_cta]

The end of June and the beginning of July is the ideal time to try out the first shorter triathlon, try the load and the specifics of the triathlon at the racing pace. Then it’s time for some tapering!

Sample Swimming Training

200m swim
2x 100m position race, 30 second pause
8x 50m crawl – 25m technical exercise + 25m crawl, pause 5 exhale into water
4x 25m crawl stepped up to maximum, pause 15 seconds
6x 250m crawl – odd stretches crawl, even stretches crawl hands, always rotate theme 50m technically and 50m racing
pace, pause between 30 seconds
100m float
5x 200m crawl paw – odd stretches whole crawl with paws, even stretches crawl hands with paws, always rotate motif
50m technical and 50m racing pace, pause between 45sec
200m wash out [/ vc_cta]

The last week before the race I have been resting. However, it only works if you have been working out since April.

Petr Soukup

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